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QI Match is a concept developed by UW Housestaff Quality & Safety Committee in collaboration with UW Graduate Medical Education and the UW Center for Scholarship in Patient Care Quality & Safety.

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Speed Up Development

By quickly matching you with projects that fit your specialty, we help to eliminate long and desperate searches. And trying to find collaborators for your own research projects has never been easier


User Experience Focused

Designed to be quick and easy to use, you can have your project created and submitted for approval in a matter of minutes.


Easy to work with

Once you've been approved, users can quickly and easily find your project using our search engine. From there it's a simple click for them to apply for a collaboration spot.

Spend time working, not searching.
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We can't wait to get you on board and using QI Match. If you have any questions or comments that would help us better serve you, be sure to contact us at